Elecraft PX-3

I purchased an Elecraft KX-3 about 4 years ago.  3 years later I purchased the KXPA-100 matching amp for my trip to St Lucia.  This year I decided to round out the KX line with the pan adapter.

My box arrived via a uniformed representative of the United States Government (Postal Carrier).  I watched a Youtube video of the build, gathered my tools and I was on my way!


I unpacked the boxes and made sure that everything I needed was shipped.  After that I started the build.


This kit is very easy to do.  Mounting boards and screwing it all together. There is no soldering involved.


Wrapping it up.


Ready for the smoke test!


And it works!


There are several cables that hook the radio, amp and PX-3 together.  It didn’t take long to get it going.



This was a fairly easy build taking about an hour and a half.

A pan adapter just seems to make the radio just that much more usable.  It gives you a visual of what is going on around you on the band. I’ve been a ham for about 38 years and honestly don’t know how I ever lived without one.