Note – Picture above is from my 2016 DXpedition to St Lucia with the Buddies in the Caribbean.

I have been blessed to be involved continuously in the Amateur Radio hobby for the last 40 years.  I was originally licensed at 16 years old. Soon after receiving my license, I purchased a Kenwood TS-830S, and the rest was history.

I enjoy CW, Contesting, Chasing DX and a even a little QRP from time to time. Occasionally I will turn on a DSTAR, DMR or C4FM radio and work someone on one of the digital modes.  While I enjoy chasing DX and adding to my country total, my first love is CW.

I am married and am the father of four boys and live near Lancaster Ohio with my wife Kristen (KA8YCO).

We live on 3 acres of antenna nirvana (No antenna restrictions).

I am currently serving as President of the Capitol City Repeater Association and have served as Vice President of the old Columbus Amateur Radio Association.

While my family keeps me busy, I still find time to get on the air several of times a week, either mobile or from the shack.

Please feel free to give me a call if you hear me on the air.


Mike – KI8R

6 thoughts on “KI8R.COM

  1. Mike, A friend of mine in Green Up Il, Dave, W9YKO has a 160 mtr. loop full wave at 50 ft. and he put up an off center fed wire the wire also 50 ft. from the ground the off set is 90ft. and 166ft. this off set wire will out perform his 160 loop on the 40 mtr. band by 3 s-units and of course the vert. will work best at long distance to other countries. Very interesting on what you did to that vert. with the added top hat and gaining a much broader spectrum by freq. coverage. I do not have a vert. ant. but will work on attaining one in the near future, i have an i -max 2000 fiber glass 10 mtr. vert. at 50 feet and have heard Germ. and France every day for the past mo. This ant. will tune 12///15///17///20 mtr. with the outboard tuner easy and it will handle up to 5000 watts of rf in the past i ran 1500 with no issues. Thanks N9IND

  2. Lee Coyle

    Hey Mike, nice to meet you and Kristen at BestBuy Saturday (11/27/16) and watch the Buckeyes do whatever it was they were doing that day. I guess a win is a win, but when the ‘Tide gets hold of them, it’s gonna be a blowout, and I don’t even wanna watch it.

    We drove up to the closest BestBuy to us so I could buy myself a drone for Christmas. Had to do it, because the money was burning a hole in my pocket. No crashes yet (yes, I’ve flown it). Maybe being a Huey pilot helps.

    I think I remember hearing your old call back when I lived in the area (Lithopolis Rd very close to Gender.). Back then is about when I changed from WD8EMS and was active on the 145.21 machine.

    Good times.

    Lee, N2LC

    1. Hi Lee,

      Glad we got to meet at the store. Funny you said that you used to hang out on the 5.21 machine. That is where I hang my hat when I’m on 2 meters these days. Chime in sometime and say hi. Great group of guys.

      Enjoy the new toy! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Ed moyer

    Mike..thanks the new one on 160 at j6 land 23:36 …Not to strong..but workable..Will send a card out this wee..73’s de Ed moyer ab3ah

  4. Jonathan KA8KPN

    Hey, Mike! I was just telling the story about the time you, I and Steve worked the November Sweepstakes from Steve’s house. So, I had to look you up and see how you’re doing.

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